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Therapy Talks, LLC

 Tony DiCenzo MA, LMFT

When is enough?

When pain lingers long enough or becomes greater than our ability to keep pushing through, we finally become willing to do whatever it takes to feel relief. Psychological and emotional distress affects our sleep, eating behaviors, use of alcohol and other drugs, our well-being, and our ability to function at home, work, and in our relationships.  We're often left with fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, confusion, depression, self-doubt, failure, hopelessness, and even total despair.  Therapy offers relief from mental and emotional distress.  We explore what's causing the pain, and we create new patterns of behavior that bring better experiences, better days, better relationships, and better control in our lives.  Is there pain, anger, conflict, self-doubt, or confusion in your life and relationships?   Pain is inevitable.  Misery is optional.  Talk with a therapist at Therapy Talks.

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